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Yes, it's really happening, you're not dreaming..

An EARLY PREVIEW version for Firefox 55+ is ready for testing.

You can grab it here:

As noted on that page, this version may be broken, incomplete etc.
If I did everything correctly, it should auto-update when I have further FF fixes/adaptations.

If you're brave enough to test it, please report back on how it performs.

I will soon roll out the same version to Beta channel for Chrome.
Fellow deviants,

A new version has been released that follows DeviantART in switching to universal HTTPS support; what was previously an experimental option is now always on.

This fixes a bug with Notification center tabs not being reused, reported by SMB64 and jd22292. As usual, either wait for your Notifier to update on its own or force an update through chrome://extensions's developer mode.

Other than that, I plan to more seriously focus on a Firefox version. Whether or not I ever get to redo the Notifier from scratch, that should not delay an as-is Firefox version now that deviantAnywhere is on its last legs.

I will need volunteers to test it when it's in installable state, so stay tuned for an announcement to that effect.
Fellow deviants,

For once, I've been quick enough on the draw to fix a bug before it was reported by anyone!

In Chrome 55+, middle-clicking in the popup didn't work to open a tab in the background without closing. This was fixed.

Another small change is that the extension badge is no longer translucent. With Chrome's recent redesign, this was causing visual artifacts.

Also, since the Beta was out for a long time now I merged the versions back into one.

(usual caveats apply: it may take a while until you get the update. But since it's not a major bug, that's okay!)
Fellow deviants, is now out, fixing a bug with the URL for status updates reported by TailsLuigi-Dewott and jd22292. Sorry about that.

However, there's more!

For the first time in a long while, the Beta version has diverged from the main version.

I think the earliest version of Notifier was born somewhere in 2010. Back then, it was the JavaScript learning experience for me.. So, you can imagine just how bad the code in the most ancient parts is.

There are some long-standing issues with the core parts - it works, but it's a mess, and it stops adding new features. So for now I'm doing some small-scale refactoring - simply to remember again how the whole thing works and facelift the code a bit. As I inevitably rewrite the same parts again later, it may seem like a pointless exercise

For now, beta should not differ in functionality from the main branch - but that's precisely why it needs more testing. So if you want to help a bit, install the Beta from the link above to replace the main Notifier, and test various things. To help testing, you can enable debug controls in the options and use Time machine to get fresh notifications from old messages.

There are more changes to come, both under the hood and some new features.
Status update on the Notifier: it now supports Status Updates.

Version with that feature is out now, your Chrome will update it eventually.

Possibly the best feature of it: you can turn notifications about them off ;)


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